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Please click on the buttons below to learn more about the various plants and animals that are significant to Wagiman culture

This virtual version of the "Wagiman Plant and Animal Book" is based on a paper draft written and composed by:

Liddy, Lenny Gappuya, Lulu Dalppalngali Martin, Joe Galwaying Huddlestone, Lena Jululuk Liddy, Helen Imorrotjba Liddy, Clara Gumbirtbirtta McMah, George Jabarlgarri Huddlestone, Mark Harvey & Glenn Wightman. 


Darwin & Katherine: Dept of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment & Diwurruwurru Jaru.

Harold Burns, Daphne Huddlestone, Theresa Muyiwey Banderson,
Maria Liddy, Kenny Liddy, G. Huddlestone number 2  and
Paddy Benbo Huddlestone  also participated in field work associated with
the recording of Wagiman plant and animal knowledge from 1998-2005

© 2006 Wagiman people,
Wagiman Association Planning and Environment
Kybrook Farm PO Box 496
Pine Creek NT 0847, Australia

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